Obstetrics and Gynecology

This practice offers a full range of gynecologic and obstetric services, including well-woman examinations; preconceptual care; contraception; prenatal care and delivery; evaluation and treatment of infertility, menopause, menstrual difficulties, endometriosis, infections, etc.; screening and prevention for female cancers, including colposcopy.

Care Philosophy

At Loudoun Physicians for Women, we value our long-standing relationship with the families of this community. The health of the mothers, sisters, and daughters of these families is our primary concern. We strive to treat the whole person and create a partnership of health with her now and in the future.

Announcements as of May 2016

We have recently invested in a new service for our patients sufferring from sexual pain, vaginal dryness, or mild urinary incontinence: NeuViva laser vaginal rejuvenation (see video). In 3-4 five minute virtually painless treatment sessions, we can offer you a drug-free long-lasting means of restoring your vaginal health and functionality. It is an especially exciting option for those women for whom vaginal estrogen therapy is contraindicated or not desired, such as women with a history of breast cancer or other hormone dependent tumor. It's also great for nursing mothers with sexual dysfunction, and for women with some forms of urinary leaking. We are proud to be the first ObGyn practice in Loudoun County to offer this service to our patients. See the link below for more details and call/email to set up your free consultation.

Our In-Office Ultrasound service continues to be very well-received for both Obstetric and Gyn Ultrasound 3 days a week. Some restrictions apply for those with Aetna HMO, United Optimum Choice, Carefirst Blue Choice and MDIPA HMO.

We still see Medicare patients in our office, but for economic reasons limit new enrollees to 1-2 per doctor per month unless directly referred by another physician.

We continue to provide In-Office Surgical procedures 1-2 times a month for minor surgical procedures on patients under the age of 65. Patients have been very satisfied with the convenience and savings of time and money with this service.

We continue to enjoy the benefits of being a part of the larger Capital Women's Care organization in terms of sharing of information and providing better and more secure electronic communication for our patients. If you haven't done so already, be sure to sign up for the Capital Women's Care Patient Portal, giving you the ability to communicate with us after-hours and to get access to your medical information more readily.

As a reminder, the latest recommendations are for Pap smears to be done in low risk patients every 3-5 years if the HPV cotest is negative and there is no history of cervical precancer in the past 20 years. After 65 Paps are no longer recommended for these patients in the absence of new sexual partners. Patients with risk factors for cervix cancer continue to get annual Paps indefinitely.

Well Woman exams are still recommended annually by ACOG even if the Pap is not being done that year. There are many other things that are done during an Annual Well Woman examination, including thyroid and breast examinations; skin and abdominal examinations, bimanual examination of the uterus and ovaries; evaluation of bowel, bladder and sexual functioning; assessment for contraceptive needs and venereal disease screening; evaluation for osteoporosis and cardiovascular risk; pregnancy planning and fertility testing; mental health screening; treating menstrual and menopausal difficulties; referral for breast and colon cancer screenings, and so on. We recommend a woman see her physician, nurse practitioner/physician assistant or other medical provider annually to insure that her health is all that it can be. The old adage, "an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure" is truer than ever, and we want to remind you to call for an appointment if you believe it's been more than a year since you've been seen. In many cases, preventive care is at no cost to the patient under the Affordable Care Act.